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Services: Curricula

• the water cycle

• water scarcity

• wastewater management

• germs and pathogens

• river and streams

• environmental protection

• water conservation

• water access advocacy

• watersheds and bays

• stream health

• water science

• ocean life

• cultural diversity

• a child's life in the developing world

Current lesson plan and curricula topic offered by Water Health Educator include:

Water Health Educator can also custom-tailor homeschool courses for elementary through high school. Courses include:

• stream ecology

• global health

• water geography

• cultural studies

• medical anthropology

Curricula or Lesson plans are built on a 1-day, 3-day, 5-day or 10-day course, for use in the home or classroom. Also great for Scouts, summer camps and groups.

Water Health Educator is also working with local universities, such as George Mason University, to create water advocacy and action through campus activities, a student organization, and college lectures and presentations on a variety of topics, including water scarcity, water pollution, wastewater management and industry pollution.

Cost of resources vary, and some are free (we refer you to other websites).

For custom plans, including do-at-home or in-the-classroom experiments are offered at the following costs, which allow us to further our research:

1-day: $25.00

3-day: $50.00

5-day: $100.00

10-day: $175.00

Payment will be due at the time of order and is payable via check, money order or via Paypal at

We also offer field trips, such as for benthic macrointervebrate identification, streamside water monitoring workshops and conservation studies.

Please allow up to two weeks for lesson plan and curricula orders and up to four weeks for custom-orders. Curricula should be ordered on an individual basis and cannot be shared. Transfer or sharing of custom curricula will constitute as copyright infringement. All rights reserved.

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