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Learn: Fun for Educators

Water Health Educator is excited to launch our newest "Learn" pages, including this free resource for teachers for "go to" lesson plans and activities to use in the classroom, in homeschool, in camps or assemblies. Need a Water Health Educator staff member to help implement the lessons? Just ask. Many of our college students are interested in continuing their outreach work in health knowledge sharing.

Most lesson plans will be a click-n-print/use PDF. If you need a Word doc, please contact us (it's easier to click on the hyperlinks), otherwise, when referred to other websites, copy and paste URL into your browser. Please check periodically for new lesson plans and activities!

Please check out the Facebook Page "George Mason University Patriots for Pure Water" to check out all of the latest workshops and education outreach by our University students!

Click on Photos and Albums for some neat photos!

Brigitte Keen at Westover Library, Recycle Program

Eden Potter, Middleburg Community Center, Watershed Module

Sea Creature Conservation

- A Girl Scout Gold Award

Take Action Project -

with Eden Potter


Lesson Plan created by

Janie Anderson

PowerPoint Guide for

World Water Monitoring Day Kit

(using GMU Mason Pond as an example)

For more information on the kit:

PowerPoint Guide for Using a Pre-Treated

Petri Dish Kit for Bacteria Survey

GMU students used a pre-treated dish kit to survey some of the surfaces around campus. These kits are available on a range of websites, such as Science Bob and Steve Spangler Science.

Oil spill Education Workshop for Kids

by Emily Bremer

Water Cycle Fun Program Sample

Cold Weather Science.pdf (PDF — 103 KB)

Library Workshops for Kids!

Hygiene, Ocean Health, Pollution, Water Scarcity and more!

Thank you to Marlena Bludzien for her work at an Arlington Library!

Recycling Lesson Plans

for a Group

by Brigitte Keen


Lesson Plan created by Jane Anderson

PowerPoint Guide for

Eco Science Toys Kit

PowerPoint Guide for

Clean Water Science Kit

(Two great sample presentations)

Filtration Project.pptx

(PPTX — 572 KB)


Clean Water Science.pptx

(PPTX — 421 KB)

PowerPoint Guide for

EnviroBattery Kit


(PPTX — 2 MB)

PowerPoint Guide for

Salt-Powered Robot Kit

Salt Powered.pptx

(PPTX — 186 KB)

(We purchased most of our kits on

Girl Scout Badge Fun

- Great for Journeys!

Thanks Lizette Ayala for heading up this troop's water badge!

WHE GMU Undergraduate Intern, Nicole Kraatz, discovered the neat educational materials offered by Glo-Germ, as she offered a workshop for children at a library for Global Handwashing Day.

The kids enjoyed using the Glo-Germ powder to see "germs" on their hands and then, after some tips on handwashing, including a handwashing song, they went to wash their hands.

Nicole was able to show them where they missed "germs" after a look under the UV light, to remind kids to pay special attention to spots like between fingers and underneath nails.

For more information on how Glo-Germ works and how to get UV-sensitive powders and lotions to use in your classroom or event, go to

Nicole made her own "glo box" and provided coloring pages, too.

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