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Our Services

Water Health Educator currently provides activities, lesson plans and curricula for teachers, homeschoolers, caregivers, churches and other religious organizations for grade levels from preschool through high school. We also provide research assistance for undergraduate and graduate students focusing on water and global health topics. Lesson plans, curricula and activities can be tailored to fit your timeline, age, grade or skill level, and topic. See Educational Resources for more information.


Our current research projects include, among others:

• water scarcity in the developing world

• domestic and foreign water sustainability challenges

• water management and gender

• the effects of water scarcity in a vulnerable population

• the health effects of the Gulf oil spill

• Talmedge Creek oil spill

• international flooding

• sanitation in the developing world

As time and budget allows, we take on additional research and writing projects. Please contact us should you have a potential water-related research project.

Our undergraduate and graduate students are also looking for other internship opportunities (paid or unpaid) to gain additional experience in the water-related and global health fields. If you have such opportunities available, please contact us at

Water Health Educator researchers are also seeking grants and sponsorship for field study abroad. If you have sponsorships or grants available privately or through your organization, please contact Shannyn at We have students waiting to travel to many of our "hot button" destinations to learn more about the relationship between water and community.

Public Speaking

Water Health Educator provides speakers on a variety of water-related issues. Currently, Water Health Educator founder, Shannyn Snyder, lectures at George Mason University on topics of bottled water, water pollution, water scarcity, and development and vulnerable populations.

Staff members are also available for corporate, organization and school events. Recent engagements include The Forsyth County Environmental Health Conference, where Shannyn Snyder spoke on the "Clean Water Dilemma in the Developing World," covering the reality of sanitation and clean water access in vulnerable populations with a focus on India, Africa and Latin America.

The following contributing researchers and writers have also developed PowerPoint presentations and lectures for graduate and undergraduate-level participants, in particular:

Shannyn Snyder:

-Water Pollution

-Amazonian Deforestation and Water Privatization

-Clean Water Dilemma in the Developing World

-Environmental Health Issues in the U.S.

-Diseases of the Poor

-Domestic Water Sustainability and Potability Issues

-Water Scarcity

-The Devastation of Extraction

-Health Implications of Water Scarcity and Poor Sanitation

Sahisna Suwal and Lindsay Boyce:

-Water Scarcity (General)

-Water Scarcity and Nepal

-Water Scarcity and Swaziland

Saima Hedrick:

-Water Scarcity and Contamination

Rebecca Shore and Piper Wilson:

-Water (Community Health, Culture)

Arrangements must be made directly with the lecturer. There is no cost associated with university-based lecture, unless accommodations or travel are needed for out-of-area venues.

Public/Private School, conference and guest-lecturer opportunities are managed by Water Health Educator. Fee varies by location and accommodations are the responsibility of the event sponsor. Please contact us at for more information.

Advocacy and Outreach

As a concerned citizen and a member of the global health environment, we believe that a little knowledge can go a long way to protect local waters and provide relief a world away. For this reason, Water Health Educator works with organizations such as The Water Project, whose mission it is to provide clean water to water scarce communities and The Prince William Soil and Conservation District, which provides education outreach to local schools and works alongside the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, to promote safe and clean water in our own backyards. We can connect you with resources on how you and/or your school, group or education can get involved with such projects. Contact us at for details.

Interactive School and Library Workshops

Many of our George Mason University college student contributors also bring their creativity and knowledge to local schools and libraries in unique workshops or displays in a range of topics, from hand-washing to seed germination.

College student, Eden Potter, also brings her Gold Award workshop, Sea Creature Conservation, to schools and libraries, geared towards Pre-K and 1st-5th, with creative marine science games and crafts. For more information, see

and then contact us for scheduling at

Research and Writing

Water Health Educator is always looking for fresh perspectives, current events and freelance researchers and writers to compliment our internship staff. These are unpaid opportunies. Please contact Shannyn for more information at


We accept internships year-round from George Mason University from the Department of Anthropology and Sociology and practicum students from the Department of Global and Community Health. Other internship opportunities available upon request. Please contact Shannyn at for details. Internships require administrative work, as well as on-site field study and training workshops. See Internship page for more information.

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