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Global: Fracking

Climate Change Impacts:

Pacific Islands

by Theresa Ley


The Health Impact of Fracking on Vulnerable Populations: A Comparison Between Pennsylvania and Texas

by A’isha M Sharif

Shale Gas Extraction/

Fracking in Europe

by Katherine Fite

Why Fracking Should Be Allowed—A New York Perspective

By Jason Zheng

New York’s recent ban on hydraulic fracturing delivers great news for environmentalist, however it is horrible news for those living upstate. As the state government closes door on drilling, the people are also seeing their economic opportunities fading. On August 2015 Thomas P. DiNapoli—New York State Comptroller—compiled the New York State Employment Trends and found that between 2009 and 2014, 538,000 jobs were added by the state of New York, with majority of these jobs concentrated in New York City.

The Southern Tier region lack proper jobs and/or income for residents, and the only way to create economic development is by fracking. Other regions such as—Mohawk Valley, Central New York and North Country—experienced employment declines over five years, with lower rates of total wage growth. Conklin Town Supervisor Jim Finch views the ban on fracking as a violation of property owners’ rights.

Residents and petroleum industry were once optimistic and Governor Cuomo would allow fracking to occur in the Southern Tier because the location is nearby the border of Pennsylvania. However, these hope was lost after Cuomo announced he was banning fracking.

Upstate New York is continuing to face the pressure of high taxes, regulatory burdens and lack of access to natural resources under their property. DiNapoli has found that the people of upstate are losing out on manufacturing and petroleum jobs.

The report states manufacturing jobs declined by 5% in New York for the past five years, as compared to the growth of 3% nationally. The report also further states that the large increase in domestic oil and natural gas production over the past five years contributed to the employment growth at the national level.

In the present day, residents a few New York towns have made thoughts on the possibility of seceding from New York City to become part of the Pennsylvania. The reasons for this is that Pennsylvania supports fracking which it has regulated local economies and the state has lowered income taxes that allowed businesses to thrive. However, this decision has yet made to be finalized. 

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