Water Health Educator - Promoting advocacy for access to clean water
Staff Bios
Shannyn Snyder received her Bachelors of Political Science and Masters of Interdisciplinary Studies in Anthropology and Global Health, both through George Mason University. Her previous research includes the study of access to clean water and healthcare in vulnerable populations and wastewater pathogens in recreational and drinking water systems.  Shannyn's current work focuses on vulnerable populations and their access to basic needs, as well as environmental and social justice issues both domestic and international.  Shannyn developed Water Health Educator as a means to connect college students and public health professionals, as well as the general public, with news of community, regional, and global issues concerning water. She is currently an adjunct faculty member at George Mason University in the College of Health and Human Services, Department of Global and Community Health, where she teaches Health and Environment, Community Health and Literature, and Health, Ethics, Leadership, and Advocacy.

Grace Snyder is a high school student, upper-level Girl Scout, and Sandcloud ambassador. Her early passion for science and math, including an interest in courses from biology to physics, has led her to pre-med studies. 

Grace has spent many hours on the East Coast, studying marine life and learning about advocacy, and she is active in cleaning up local waterways and teaching kids in the local community about the Chesapeake Watershed.  She is also a novice sailor, in addition to a skilled horsewoman and archer.

Grace keeps the Water Pollution Forum Facebook page updated with current events, and helps plan pollution cleanup events for local college students.

Jason Zheng graduated from George Mason University with a B.A in Political Science. He currently works for the US Patent and Trademark Office, but writes on his free time. He has been part of Water Health Educator since 2015. On his spare time he enjoys working out, exploring new cooking methods, and spending time with his family.


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